Posted on Jul 5, 2019


Frederick Vallaeys Says We’ll All Still Have Marketing Jobs Despite AI Ben Mattice June 13, 2019

Issac Asimov predicted that robots would cause problems. Not that they would try to take over the world, but that they would take over jobs. People would be unhappy about this.

We’ve already seen this happen with the advent of assembly lines at factories where robotic arms can assemble whole cars. But these are dumb machines.

What happens when a machine can create quality marketing campaigns? What happens when the machine gets better than the human at keyword research? Will the digital marketing agency become a thing of the past?

Fredrick Vallaeys, former Google employee and co-founder of Optmyzer, doesn’t think so. Here’s why.

There Are Things Machines Don’t Know
Machine learning already seems to be able to learn about the world on its own…sorta. It can mimic human speech…sorta. And it can predict the future…sorta.

But what it doesn’t yet have is intuition, a distinctly human trait. What is intuition? It’s the ability to take seemingly unrelated pieces of information and stringing them together by their common threads.

A good example is one that Fredrick himself brings up. His team decided to look at lunar cycles to see if they influenced predicted click-through rates. (It didn’t, btw.) And a machine today wouldn’t be able to make that sort of abstract connection between human behavior and luna
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