Posted on 03-Jun-2019


Website Analytics gives you the needed information for every single page to identify which areas of your website are doing well and where you need to improve your site.

SEO Analysis

Use this free SEO tools to quickly check why your website rankings are not doing well in or Yahoo! or Bing. This SEO tool is free for you to use courtesy of Obizmax, the best SEO agency in Singapore. By simply fixing some basic website errors you can already get improved rankings in weeks.

This search engine optimisation analysis will be emailed to you within 5 mins after submission. The SEO toolkit will contain over 50+ SEO areas for improvement and how optimised your web page is for a target keyword or key phrases.

Google keeps changing its guidelines; failing to conform to them can result in a hefty penalty such as your site being delisted from search engine results pages. You can avoid such issues by using our trusted and reliable website audit tool. We have tailored it to check every aspect of your site that Google uses to determine if it is worth a spot on the first page. It also goes an extra mile to check other factors that directly affect its usability and ability to convert visitors into customers. Check it out here.

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